Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ganymede and Jupiter -- Squirrel Lookout Through the Screen

Ganymede and Jupiter are ten months old, each weigh ten pounds, and are tremendously happy. We regret the long absence from blogging, work has been busy and after a long day, I am not eager to spend yet more time at my computer. We are also renovating a house nearby with an atrium that will be ideal for the Siamese boys.

The boys have a busy schedule that they adhere to like Gorilla Glue. Mornings are spent watching the squirrels through the screen door, followed by a long nap. Evenings are all about playing with their feathered contraption on a stick, operated by cat-dad, whilst transforming themselves into "war kittens". At 9pm, I shout, "treats!" and they respond with a stampede into the kitchen for their dental chews. For added excitement, they bat the chews under the fridge to watch the human retrieve them... several times with the dedicated chew retrieving fridge yardstick. It is our mission and pleasure to serve the war kittens.

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