Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whew, What a Storm!!

We are having high winds and horizontal rain! Sitting at my desk, I am watching trees strain against the strong gusts. I think I just saw Margaret Hamilton fly by on her bicycle.

I drove the "barely a mile" to Whole Foods during lunchtime and was amazed at how many huge tree limbs were scattered along the road and on front yards of most houses. On my return home, I found that our house was a recipient of a very large branch from our Liquidambar styraciflua across the sidewalk. In fact, most of the downed branches on our street are from Liquidambar trees or also know as Sweetgum--this is a tree that is not well liked in our neighborhood. Also, earlier in the day, a couple of plywood boards blew over and on top of my favorite rose bush, flattening it.

Ganymede finds the storm terribly exciting as he keeps watch through our rear sliding door, monitoring the squirrels and birds who have been feeding non-stop throughout the day. The news online is calling this the strongest October storm since 1962 in this area, there are even evacuations due to possible mud slides.

It would be an excellent day to begin my fall knitting, if only I could find my knitting supplies! I think I will put my rain gear back on and see how high the creek is out back behind the house.

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