Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Seriously Must Get to My Knitting

So, if I am ever to knit again, I must to organize all my knitting stuff. The ten or so knitting books I have collected, okay fifteen, all need to be together in one place. There is nothing like snarling with frustration while trying to find the right book with the perfect description of a stitch and not being able to find it because it is under the bed. The Curse of the Were-Knitter!

I found the last remaining scrap of apricot-colored Cashsoft Baby yarn, leftover from the sweater I made for my friend's baby last year. This was my first ever sweater. Up until then, it had only been hats and scarves.

The pattern I used is the Elly sweater from Rowan's Classic Babies, Book Four. The lacy edging is crocheted, which my mom taught me to do when I was just a kid, but this was more complicated than anything I have ever had crocheted before. I had to rip it out three times before I could live with it. The sweater pattern itself was pretty tricky, the folks at Rowan assume you know what you are doing. I have only been knitting for two years.

Soon I will be getting back to knitting the pale blue cable knit baby sweater. It just scares me to take the shoulder seams out. What if I screw it up as I pick apart the stitching?

I have a toothache tonight. It was painful enough that I had to take half a Darvocet left over from my knee surgery. I wonder if it is the tooth with the temporary crown. Why would it hurt so much and so suddenly?


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