Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Lot of Talk and Not Enough Knitting

Little Gregory's sweater is under way, once again. There really isn't a whole lot more to do, finish the neckband with rib stitching and weave in the ends. The goal is to finish it this weekend -- I can do that.

The pattern is from the Filatura Di Crosa Baby Too book. I used Filatura Zara extra fine merino wool. This was my first time knitting cables. I really thought cables were going to be heinously difficult, but it was easy and a lot of fun.

I really fancy bamboo needles. I don't think I would enjoy knitting at all if all there was were cold aluminum needles. The bamboo feels so nice in my hand as I knit. I was just admiring how beautiful they are in their quilted needle snuggie, so I thought I'd take a picture. I have a lot more needles somewhere and a huge number of circular needles. I knit hats with two sets of needles. If you have never tried that, it is the only way to knit hats. Seriously.

My Lush Golden Slumbers bath is waiting for me, my neck is hurting and a lavender bath is very soothing before bed. The best medicine!


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