Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Introduction of "Junior" to the World

Here is a photo of the cute kitty. I will take some better ones later. He was startled by the funny noises the camera was making, so it wasn't the best shot. I was looking at pictures of Pooh-bah when he was about the same age and they look so much alike. I got this kitten from the person who owned Pooh-bah's father. I was hoping to have another cat with Pooh-bah's same wonderful personality and handsome looks.

This afternoon, the kitten has been sleeping inside of what we call the "cat tree" or "cat stand", a floor to ceiling scratching structure that my dad made for Pooh and Chloe. Last night I had the kitten on my lap then Chloe got next to him on my lap. She did turn to him and hiss, but we were thrilled at the progress we have seen in just two days.

The kitten is not happy when I put him in the bathroom where his temporary bed, water, food, and cat box is set up. He screams for a good twenty minutes. It is horrible. I just don't think it is safe to have him wandering around the house alone at night. I haven't decided what to do yet. I may be frightening him to be locked up.

I also don't think he is eating enough. I am going to make up a batch of kitten glop tonight after I pick up some yogurt. I used to make it when Pooh-bah and Chloe were kittens and they loved it.


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