Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chloe is Doing Better!

We just arrived home from our follow up appointment at Veterinary Medical Specialists. Today Chloe's eyes are clearer and she is more alert, plus she is getting stronger. I was given Hill's Prescription A/D for her tube feedings. The stuff is awful. She smelled like she was rotting away. Yesterday I switched her over to our usual Innova EVO canned food. I dilute it and put it through the tube just as I did with the prescribed food. I feel so much better about feeding it to her; it is the very best available.

Chloe is very weak still and staggers when she walks (ataxia). I made the mistake of thinking she was getting enough fluids from the food and drinking water, although I had asked and the nurse said she didn't need fluids if she was getting enough from her food. When Chloe looked dehydrated yesterday, we decided she needed the subcutaneous fluids everyday until she is back to eating and drinking enough on her own.

Chloe had been stooping over, but is sitting more upright today. The doctor said that usually means low potassium. That makes absolute sense because after her fluids last night, the stooping went away. The doctor said she is making good progress. I am ecstatic!


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