Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jupiter is a Little Devil. A Cute Devil.

Chloe has had a bad cat cold. She sat under my Subaru last week in the cold in protest of us bringing home the kitten, Jupiter. We have been careful to give her a lot of love and attention. I took her to the vet on Saturday, which in her book does not constitute love and attention.

Part of Chloe's problem is her top molars in the far back. I knew she needed her teeth cleaned and possible extractions, but her teeth are much worse than I thought and need to be taken out as soon as possible. When we were at this veterinary clinic recently to get checkups for the kitties, the doctor was reluctant about using using anesthesia on a fourteen year old cat with a heart murmur. I was again unimpressed with him this visit last week, although Chloe is getting better.

I have found a holistic vet who does house calls. When we spoke on the phone, Dr. Mathias recommended that I take Chloe to the Veterinary Surgical Associates for dental surgery because they have human quality anesthesia on the premises. Siamese cats are very sensitive to anesthesia, Chloe had to have hers reversed back when she was spayed. I can't tell you what a relief this is to know VSA exists. My goal is to get Chloe healthy again and get her teeth pulled by them. She's our little sweetie.

Jupiter wants badly to play with Chloe. He is getting hissed at, but not as much as he was. Chloe of course is not in much of a mood to play being as sick as she is. She will sit and watch him now as if she is facinated. Jupiter can be quite a pest. I try to get him to leave her alone when she is eating or is in the sandbox. He thinks it is a riot to sneak up on her at these times. I am amazed that she is being as patient as she is. I can't wait until the day I see them curled up together. I know I will cry...


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