Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ganymede is Feeling Superb!

Just a quick update. Ganymede has been romping around with Jupiter, almost as if he had not had surgery the day before. For anyone just tuning in, he has congenital abnormalities, such as facial nerve paralysis on his right side, dermoid in the corner of his eye, inguinal hernia, and undescended right testicle. He will always have the paralysis, but his eye is now free of the dermoid and his cornea is now protected. Since he has no problem with his trigeminal nerve, he is beginning to pull his eye into its orbit in order to blink.

He is so content, it must be a great relief to him, either in relation to his eye or hernia, or both. Here he is, napping after playing all morning. You can see his face is a little puffy on the left and the nictating membrane is somewhat inflamed. Don't let his sedate composure fool you, he has been leaping and running like a maniac.

Today, I have been listening to the music from Miss Potter, a movie I like very much, about the life of Beatrix Potter. I played that album three times this morning, now I have moved on to the soundtrack from another one of my favorite movies, Stardust.


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