Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little Pink Socky

Jupiter has a Little Pink Socky--he chose it himself... I am not making this up. He will chew it, toss it in the air, even insist we throw it for him, and then he will retrieve it until we stop, then he will stare at us until we continue, he will even drop it on my face when I am sleeping. Ew! He gets into his own weird little zone where nothing else matters except his Socky.

Ganymede loves to taunt Jupiter about his sock and threaten to take it away, something Jupiter loathes and will angrily hiss back at Ganymede. But Sir Ganymede is not one walk away from a challenge. When things get out of hand, Little Pink Socky must go to the hall closet.

It is difficult to tell in the photo, but the Orlon sock is pale pink and is easily over 25 years old. I'd give Little PInk Socky another month, then I will have to find Jupiter a replacement. 

Jupiter doesn't realize he isn't the first kitty with a pink sock...

This delightful comic strip is Mutts by Patrick McDonnell, about the adventures of Mooch and Earl.


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