Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

As our home renovation continues, I'd like to report that we are making greenest decisions possible, such as choosing low VOC paint, buying a barrel-style composter (we will buy another soon), installing Dark Sky and energy efficient lighting, and many other considerations.

Our English garden/cottage-style plants are now in the soil. I was overly concerned with the upper 90 degree temperatures yesterday and watered frantically. My abutilons have been looking wilty, I don't know what is up with them, maybe it is the shock of being planted. They are so whimsical and faerie-like, I will be sad if they don't make it.

The other news is, Ganymede broke his back foot. That was earlier in the spring, which should tell you how far behind I am with my blogging. He was in the kitchen, stretching up on his tip-toes to reach with his paw to the cutting board. He managed to catch a plate sitting there with his claws.

The plate came down and landed end-on-end, on his back paw. He took off like a rocket for the bedroom. We thought he was just frightened, but when we coxed him out and saw the blood, we examined him and decided one of the tiny bones was broken. I cuddled him in bed all night and then we took him to the veterinarian in the morning. They splinted him and sent us home with pain medicine (Ganymede's happy drops!) and a referral to Veterinary Surgical Associates

Ganymede had surgery performed by the wonderful Dr. Andy Staatz. The broken bone was stabilized with a pin and he was sent home in a splint, which did not slow him down at all. Ganymede happily returned to the clinic every week for a splint change, and to visit with his doctor. Ganymede and Dr. Andy were most smitten with each other.

The handsome boys, Jupiter and Ganymede, with his purple splint

The day Ganymede had his last splint removed, it was as if the break had never happened! Jupiter was overjoyed to have his Ganymede to romp at last at full speed with. We would like to thank Dr. Staatz for the brilliant care and loving attention!


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