Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Tenth Wedding Anniversary to Me and My Sweet Husband!

Happily married, as always! We had the most beautiful, intimate wedding at the edge of Lake Tahoe, at Sugar Pine State Park. It was such a happy day, spent with the people who are most dear to us. Afterward, we all celebrated with lunch and strawberry cream wedding cake at the Tahoe House Bakery and Cafe. Our wedding was celebrated on the day of my parent's 50th anniversary. We miss both our moms and our dear sister-in-law, Toshiko; all three are no longer with us, but are never forgotten. The ceremony was elegantly performed by my dear friend, officiate extraordinaire, someone I miss.

Ganymede is as silly as ever. Everything continues to be endlessly fascinating to him. Here he is being held up to investigate a fluttering mulberry leaf!


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