Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Journal--Garden-Tok

I am searching for a garden journal to record what bloomed when in my garden and what was planted. A few Daffodils came up this spring, I want to make note of their locations so I can plant some more for next spring. My pink dogwood and Akebono Cherry have begun to bloom. I can't remember exactly when various plants and trees bloomed last year.

Akebono Cherry Tree Reaching for the Sky!

Close Up Showing the Young Blossoms that will become Snowy Pink

We had a couple of storms that did a fair amount of damage, especially to our Salvia Leucantha. Then we had quite a few nights with freezing temperatures. Our two Lemon bushes survived, thanks to plastic drop cloths. Some of our Coreopsis Verticillata Moonbeam did not make it. I had nine of the lacy little plants along the sidewalk, they were much admired by friendly neighbors on their daily walks.

My neighbor and I are researching organic fertilizers. I read that seaweed helps plants repel aphids. My Gaura Lindheimeri plants were constantly covered with aphids last summer. The wretched bugs only laughed at my attempts to knock them out with the high pressure nozzle. I also tried organic insecticidal soap, then when that didn't work I tried neem oil.

I decided to get Dr. Earth Life All Purpose Fertilizer that can be broadcast. I have successfully used specific Dr. Earth fertilizers, such as blended fertilizers for roses or one for acid loving plants like Hydrangeas and Japanese Maples.


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