Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another Tragedy

Pooh-bah was our seal-point Siamese, who's kingdom consisted of a culdesac with nine houses. He strayed outside of his domain when presumably a younger cat chased him into a busy street, two blocks away. He died instantly when struck by a car and lied beside the curb. Sunday morning he was missing from his usual place at the foot of our bed, I looked around the house for him. I waited, expecting him to burst through the cat door any moment, loudly announcing his entrance. We began to get concerned and started the first of several searches around the the neighborhood.

By that afternoon, I was frantic. My husband and I started knocking on doors to ask if he had been seen that day. It wasn't long until a neighbor reported that Pooh-bah had been seen on the busy street, in front of the bank. I knew instantly what that meant and I broke down in anguish. We quickly headed down two streets until we saw him lying by the side of the road, peacefully as if asleep. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Could he just be asleep? The crazy things that were going through my head. We carried him back home to bury. Pooh-bah wasn't just a cat, he was an intelligent, amazing, majestic feline with whom we shared our lives with. We loved him so very, very much!

Two weeks later, we are doing alright. Chloe beginning adjusting and although she is missing his love and companionship, we are making sure she gets more than her usual amount of love from us.

I know I have been a bad blogger, but I am back. I promise I will be more consistent. I have made great progress with my knitting. I will be back soon with an update on the pink baby sweater with the lace pattern I have ever knitted. Yes, photos soon. This is the pattern from the Filatura di Crosa Baby too book. I am knitting with Cashsoft Baby DK Pixie.


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