Monday, August 27, 2007

Note to Self: Yarn Shops are Closed on Mondays

Yes, all three!

Yesterday I knitted the 2x2 ribbed neckband onto the blue baby cable knit sweater. Before binding-off, I looked it over carefully for anything not quite right and found something very much not quite right, of course. To fix it, I yanked out a rib column, re-did that rib with a crochet hook. Now it is worse. It has a hole.

I don't think I can explain it in words, but I'll try. The one bind-off stitch underneath the rib stitch in question also ripped out. I don't know how that is even possible. This afternoon I packed up my project off to my local yarn shop, ready to say, "I'm exasperated. Please help me."

What, all three are closed? It is surely a conspiracy...

Back to the drawing board. I am going to sit down and try to figure it out. My husband will tell you how when frustrated, I can do a perfect imitation in Golum's voice saying, "I hates knitting!"


Donna said...

That is so true..don't those stores know they should be open 24/7. We must start a movement to have lys open on Mondays. Such a crucial time after the weekend when you finally have some time for yourself! Glad you are feeling better and had some time off!

World of Ribonuff said...

Hello J, I came across your site when clicking on Los Gatos at blogger. There were something like 249 people identifying themselves as in Los Gatos - I am one of them - and I checked out your site and quite liked it! I also (used to) knit. I was in Minneapolis until the day before the bridge collapsed (visiting husband's family). I am also grieving (my father for nearly 2 years, and a very much beloved pet for nearly 5 years now).
Best wishes to you and I hope you and your family are in good health.

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