Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Cat Hat

I removed the slip covers from our couch to take them to green dry cleaners. I would rather have them off before finding out the hard way that our new kitten has used the couch as a scratching post. In the process I found out the seat cushions need to be repaired because the cotton covering them under the slip covers split. We have always had a heated lap blanket going on the couch for the comfort of the kitties. I think the constant heat desintegrated the thin fabric, so yesterday I bought a heated cat bed at Pet People in Los Gatos to take the place of the blanket. It never gets hot, hot, but the design of the bed is more efficient and cozy. If you are interested,, has a variety of other heated pet products. Chloe loves it!

I can't remember who asked to see my Siamese version of the cat hat from Stitch and Bitch, so I took a picture of it and here it is. It was hard to keep a straight face, hence the goofy smile. I don't have much of a chance to use this hat. Where would you wear such a thing?

During my first year of knitting I had a flurry of hat knitting. The first one I made was not very successful because I used the horrible double pointed needles. Never again, I will only knit hats using two circular needles. Once I learned how, it was a breeze. The cat hat in the picture was one of my hat projects that year.

I am knitting myself a Halloween pumpkin hat from my fruit hat pattern by Ann Norling. It is my portable knitting project, everyone need something to knit while waiting for an appointment. We have been so busy this weekend, so I haven't had much time to knit. In addition to the pumpkin hat, I am assembling the pink baby sweater and beginning my next baby sweater project. We planned to get our new kitten today but decided to put it off another two weeks, especially after the couch incident making us both feel pretty overwhelmed. Instead, we concentrated on doing some organizing and kitten-proofing.

Chloe pays no attention to my yarn, but she loves to bat the ends of my bamboo needles while I knit. I wonder if the new kitten will attack my yarn?

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