Friday, October 5, 2007

A Kitty Update

Good news... we are looking at bringing home a Seal Point Siamese kitten when he twelve weeks old. If all goes right, that will be in a week. I will have a picture any day now that I will post here. We have had a lot of emotional ups and downs. Chloe has been very sad, she yowls a lot, especially at night, so we hold her and comfort her. I hope having a kitten around who looks like Pooh-bah will help her get through this. It might be a little stressful the first week, but I think she will be fine with little "kitten Akerstrom". We are not sure on the name yet...

My brother lost his beloved cat this past spring and has been looking for another black and white kitty. Kiwi was about a year older than Pooh-bah. There is a wonderful woman who rescues cats and finds homes for them. She had a beautiful female black and white bobtail kitty that he was interested in, but someone had adopted her. I have a bag of large cans of cat food I want to give her, since Chloe can't eat a full can of food. I am about to call her in a few minutes to see if I can go over there today.

The artist who was making a memorial stone for Pooh-bah just emailed me a picture of the finished stone. I had bought some lavender-blue Johnny Jump Up flowers to plant around it when the rock arrives next week. I enthusiastically recommend Michael's work at Let's Rock, Cusom Carved Stones. The engraving is done with sandblasting. I am very happy with it; exactly what I wanted!


SiameseOriental said...

I'm so sorry to read that you lost your precious Pooh-bah. You must be getting your kitten any day now, I hope that the introductions go well with Chloe. I would love to see some pictures of your new baby when he/she is settled in, and although you can't rush the grieving process, I hope that the new arrival helps to put a smile on your face.

J. said...

Thank you for adding me to Siamese and Oriental Cat Chat Club and for your kind comments. We are getting the kitten in two weeks. He will be past the 12 week point then and finished teething. No point in rushing this. I am so excited, though!

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