Monday, December 10, 2007

Jupiter is Enjoying the Christmas Tree and Train

It was an exciting weekend for Jupiter as we set up the tree and Lionel train. We had the first chance in a long time to do some overall cleaning and neatening. Jupiter loves the train and Christmas tree. He enjoyed the visits from friends and family members who dropped by on Sunday just to meet him! I feel much more organized and ready for Christmas.

Sadly, my husband's friend and commute partner had a stroke this morning and my mother in law was admitted to the hospital. Only twenty-one more days until the new year; I hope 2008 will be a happier year. I am feeling that my neck and shoulders have tensed up from all this.

I am hoping to have the pink baby sweater assembled by next week for Annabelle. I will be so happy if I can accomplish that. It seems like such a luxury to be able to just sit and knit. The weather has been beautifully crisp. The squirrels are frantically burying the almonds I have been tossing out for them. It seems like the same four squirrels, I call the "Jumbo Clan", because they are looking quite robust. I haven't seen Mama Squirrel, our favorite. She has a twisted little tail, is hunched over, and blind in one eye. She has the sweetest face and is very trusting of us. I hope she is okay.


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