Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Husband's Mom Left us this Morning

This morning, my husband's mom died at the age of 91 from septic shock. She had been admitted to the hospital only yesterday. My husband and I were both by her side as she took her last few breaths and her heart, tired from a long life, stopped. The photo above is from this past Thanksgiving when we broke tradition and went out for Chinese Dim Sum. It hasn't been the best year for my family.

It was my mom's birthday at the beginning of this month. She has been in my thoughts as I was decorating for Christmas, something we enjoyed doing together. I have a wonderful memory from many years ago, of my mom and her youngest sister drinking hot sake while sitting under the Christmas tree and singing Christmas songs. This below is one of my favorite photos of her that was taken last year around this time of year. She died seven months ago, also of septic shock.


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