Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ganymede and Jupiter's Veterinary Adventure

Ganymede's appointment with the eye specialist happened today. Both Ganymede and Jupiter jumped into the cat carrier, so rather than pull Jupiter out and risk Ganymede also getting out and then hiding under the bed, I let Jupiter go along to keep Ganymede company.

After a thorough examination, the diagnosis is that Ganymede has a normal eyelid, unlike our substitute veterinarian's thought that he may be missing an eyelid. What he has is a paralysis of the facial nerve on his right side. At this point it is idiopathic, but some researching with Google has return several examples of facial paralysis especially in younger cats due to nasopharyngeal polyps. Could be...

Surgery is scheduled for January 23rd to remove a small dermoid from the corner of Ganymede's eye and decrease the size of the eye opening, which will allow him to close his eye much easier. He has had a runny nose on one side for a long time, most likely a viral infection, so he is taking a course of Famciclovir to help clear that up. I am relieved that this will be a much easier operation for him. In time, he will learn to blink by isolating other muscles.

Jupiter was happy to be there to give Ganymede moral support while entertaining the doctor and her technician. Jupiter will forever be known as the Siamese cat who tried to climb up a succession of framed pictures in their exam room just above the examination table.


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