Monday, January 21, 2008

New Videos of the Cats and Absolutely Zero Knitting Done

We have two new videos. This one below is Jupiter's first video, just before Christmas, which has been kindly edited and uploaded to YouTube by my brother. I look like a mess in my sweat pants and moose socks, but Jupiter is adorable. I can see how much he has grown now.

The second video is a clip demonstrating what it is like trying to do laundry with two six-month old Siamese kittens around.

It has been raining fairly hard since noon today. In addition to the rain, the air has been very brisk, almost as if we lived in the mountains. The hills above 2,000 feet are all dusted with snow.

Ganymede has an appointment this Wednesday at Veterinary Medical Specialists to evaluate what has caused the paralysis of his facial nerve. A flexible fiberoptic endoscope will be used to see if he has a nasopharyngeal polyp, not a common condition, but one that occurs with young cats. Not being able to blink fully doesn't bother him very much, as long as we keep applying eye ointment throughout the day. He is just a happy six month old blue-point Siamese, seriously addicted to playing with a tired red cotton shoestring.


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